What Is THE BEST Fertilizer For Tomato Plants?

What’S going on fam, it’s another video andit’s, a video that all of y’all been waitingto, see, so what we’re going to be doing is itold y’all in our garden, video, a garden tourvideo that we’re going to set these tomatoes upto, see which fertilizer is the best fertilizeri’m? Not in this i’m not helping you no so lookat her. She won’t even help me. What kind of nakedgarden is this that won’t even help her woman youare, the camerawoman, i’m not in this video, oh soi’m, gon na punch, you, oh i’ll, get you on live sayingyou! Wan na punch, so what we’re going to be doing iswe’re going to be taking these tomatoes and we gotdifferent fertilizers and we’re going to be seeingwhich fertilizer, actually is a good fertilizer orshould you just be uh.


Making your own got theseone two three, four: five: six: seven. Eight nine sowe’re not sponsored by sboma and as boma didn’tsend any of these or any of these other productsbut. We just went to the big box stores and grabbedsome tomato tone, some holly tone, somehome depot, organics, all purpose plant foodsome, dr earth, all natural purposefertilizer. Some plant tone some garden toneand, a special fertilizer. That’S not even out onthe market is by redmond real salt uh, it’s so noteven on the market, yet that it doesn’t even have apackage label for it.


They just happened to send itto us to test yes and then the last two containersyou are doing. Compost yeah we’re doing one compostand one is going to be worm. Casting yesterdayi got some of our compost out from our orchardi got some black cow, and i also got some of ourspent potting mix and some perlite and i mixedthem up into these poured it into all of thesecontainers and i watered it down. I gave it a goodnice soak because it was extremely hot yesterdayand. I almost transplanted these uh tomatoes, but itwas so hot.


I didn’t want to stress them out asmuch, since i knew that today was going to be alot, cooler and more of an overcast, so we plantedthis way back when what it’s on the tag, oh, is italways, write it on the tag, so back in february, andi was Kind of worried about, but that root seemskind of healthy, i’m not gon na no yeah i’ll teasethe roots just a little bit and let’s go ahead, and this is the tomato tone now with thetomato tone. You have a 3 4 6 nitrogenphosphorus potassium, which i don’tunderstand. Why? The potassium is high butwe’re just going to do ahandful little small handfuland. What i eventually will do is get thatmeasuring, probably get like a half cupmeasuring cup.


So that way each of the containerswill have the same amount of that fertilizer allright. All right. So we’re going to grab one ofour eggs. What we always do is we’re going tocrack an egg inside of here and that’s going toadd some calcium along with some other nutrients, and we’re going to do that for each one of themso. I’M going to show you how we we’re going todo, the first one and then it’s going to beself-explanatory after that.


We’Re going tobury this as deep as we can go to right. Thereand then we’re just going to have that like that, get rid of some of those air pockets all right. So then, i’m going to take off thelower leaf of that, since these are indeterminate, we’re gon na go to that way and i left abouttwo about an inch or two from the top of thecontainer. So that way, when we do a deep wateringwith tomatoes, they are heavy feeders and they liketheir soil to be nice and moist, not really dampbut moist. So after we get done with all of thesesince, the soil is pretty much good i’ll probablygive it like a 10.


Second count: it’s supposed torain uh tomorrow friday and possibly saturdaytonight it’s gon na rain, so um we’ll just do alight water, since the soil is pretty pretty muchnice and moist we’re going to do the rest of theseand, then we’ll take you along we’re going to bemeasuring a Yield from each harvest of each oneof these and keeping track of it along with thefertilizer and advance kind of observing, whichtomatoes doing well and needs either more or lessi know. It says that it’s something else for likea horse or whatever, but, like i said they don’thave a package just yet they’re still trying to dosome uh packaging and some formulasabout this and marketing of it as welloh. This one came: oh look at that, so maybe icould just use that it came with all of themyeah, okay moving forward yeah, but for since i dida handful already yeah just to keep it fair yeahso, they really didn’t. Have anybody really testthis out now? So i’m thankful that they allowus to test it out.


Now i told harvey that i’mgoing to be real, truthful and hopefully thatthis product of theirs worked very well sowe’ll see and he said, hey give us your honestopinion about it. Let us know what we needto fix about. It and what we’ll probablyeven do is do a soil sample of theirparticular one just to see how well itimproves the soil or maintain the soil thisone i’m going to use the worm. Castings andthat was the compost, so i’m going to grabsome of the castings from my worm. Bin all right in here look at this avocadothat’s, something you know, yougot some good, oh got some pantsthere.


We go. We use that right there and how much uh so just about that amountinto it yeah actually i’ll. Just i think ahandful is what’s fair right, rightthere! Okay, i’m gon na put the restyeah look at this tomatillo. They try tothey’re trying to grow everywhere this season.


We have tomatillo growingover here too right there, so we’re gon na just grab grab a handfuloh, it’s nice and warm. What does the tempsay a little over 100 how’s, the smell smellyou smell? It smells like uh coffee, it does. Becausethat did have quite a bit of the grounds in itthanks to starbucks. They always giveyou some grounds.


When you ask all right so now we plant and when you bury tomato plantwhat’s good with these, is once the stem touchessoil. It starts to root. So if you lay this downand it’s all, this is touching soil, you’ll, startgetting vines roots, uh off of the stem right. Herethat’S, why tomatoes are great for beginnersgardeners, because it’s very hard to it’s it’smore of a pest issue, but that you have to worryabout, but as far as growing it, it’s a very easyplant. I’M super curious about any pest issuescomparatively with the fertilizers.


If your soilis real nice and healthy, then it will keep yourplants, nice and healthy. However, your soil isnot, where it needs to be it, will stress, theplant out your plant, will send a stress, signalas, a like a pheromone and which will attracta particular uh insect. It’S like this will ifonce it gets stressed. It will send out uhpheromones that will attract, maybe aphidsuh corners worms, caterpillars things of thatnature and when you bury your tomatoes, like this, with the roots being even deeper, is going tocreate a better foundation for your tomatoesthat’s. Why?


It’S always good to start these fromseeds and just bury them as deep as you canso now all we have to do is just water. These inwhat, i was telling the misses, is i’m eventuallygoing to put these on a two-tier shelf unit sothat way, even though that these are separatecontainers the fertilizer that we’re putting intothese containers as we wander it in it might leachout into the soil which that other plant couldget A some of that nutrients that we’re goingto be feeding off of that one particularcontainer and it might miskew some of theresearch about this. So i wanted to get it off ofthe ground. Once i put these tomato containers upon the two-tier system, it’s putting somecounter panel going across through hereuh securing it with some t-posts so that waywhen we’re as the tomatoes are vining up. We cankind of support it with the trellis now whenyou’re transplanting.


You always want to make surethat your plants that you transplant it aremoist and stay moist for at least the firstseven days, so you’re going to have to water themfor about 10 to 20 seconds, depending on how hotit is you’re going to have to just basicallydo the finger Test method check to see how uhwet and moist the soil is, and just water itaccordingly, when you’re, transplanting your plantmake sure you’re not doing the peak hotness of theday uh, because you’re gon na stress your plant outso. It’S best to do it when the about an hourbefore sunset, so that way it kind of helps theplant cope with where it’s going to be plantedat at a previous garden tour we mentioned aboutdifferent other experiments that we’re going tobe doing in the garden. This is just one of themand we’re interested in knowing what experimentsthat you’re currently doing in the garden. Rightnow comment down below and let us know now we’vebeen getting some great reviews on our potting mixthat. We normally do most of our container gardenin and if you want to learn more about that, we’llput that video off to the side for you to followalong and also in the description down below